Duncan Bros & Co

This book is titled

Duncan Brothers & Co, Calcutta and Walter Duncan & Co, Glasgow & London

It was printed for private circulation only.

March 1931 - opening page says "It was Mr Nimmo's desire that this "HISTORY" should be written, and he had collected materials for the early part. The rest is based on notes by four of his partners."

At the back of the book are some newspaper cuttings of obituaries - 

Henderson - died April 17th 1934 

Macgregor - died May 12th 1934

Duncan - died August 13th 1932

There is an Appreciation of Mr Thomas McMorran - President of the Indian Tea Association

There is an extract from the Tea & Rubber Mail of Jan 4th 1945 - 

After 53 years' connection with the East India firm of Walter Duncan & Co, 149 Leadenhall Street, London Mr L.T. Carmichael has decided to relinquish his pertnership and the business will be carried on by the remaining partners - Messrs D.P. McKenzie, R.W.V Dunlop and J.S. Graham.