Brian Writer (1st donor)

• Started the ‘journey with Tea' in Jan.1953.
• Worked with major tea companies from 1953 to 1978. Some of these were R. O. Mennell & Co Ltd., J.W. Clarke & Co (London Auction Buying Brokers), Thomas, Cumberlege & Inskipp (London Auction Selling Brokers) , G. Harrison & Co (London Auction Buying Brokers) and Jokai (India) Ltd . Marketing manager UK/Europe/N. America.
• Went into the tea business in 1978 with the purchase of Reginald Ames Ltd (Sourcing worldwide/Stock holder/blender) , founded Writer & Writer Ltd (London Auction Buying Broker) in 1986. Cofounded with Alan Dean , Norfolk Tea & Coffee. Started Windmill Tea Co Ltd, ( Wholesale Tea & Coffee Merchant ) in 1982.
• Founder supplier to The Republic of Tea in San Francisco - "Minister of Gardens" 1992 until retirement.
• Board member of the U.K.T.A
• Founding member of Tea Sourcing Partnership/Ethical Tea Partnership 1992 until retirement in 2014.
• Sold Reginald Ames Ltd to Drury Tea & Coffee Co Ltd in 2004.
• Senior most active member of the tea trade - an innings of 62 years !


Brian has donated a huge amount of items - twelve tea chests, a whole tea tasting cabinet, scales, tins and much more.  A massive thank you to both Brian and his wife Margaret.